Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Home Wish List

I've mentioned my upcoming move, that is now just over a month away!  Ahhhhh!

My roommate is getting married and I'm trying to save for a house, but in the meantime I'll be back to apartment living for a while.  (I have promised myself I will not settle on just whatever when it comes to buying my first home...  I want to actually get a place a like, in an area I like, and a place that will potentially be a good resale later down the line.)  I'm a little overwhelmed with the idea of taking what's currently occupying a 3 bedroom house with a full basement and cramming it all into a one bedroom apartment.  Thankfully, my aunt has offered her basement for storage and a lot of things will be finding a home over there.  

One of my true passions in life is home decor, so pretty much every time I love I use that as an excuse to redecorate a bit.  Since my goal is to save money, I'm trying to limit my redecorating budget, but still allow myself a few goodies to freshen things up and make me less depressed this whole moving situation.  (I was hoping my next move would be into a more permanent residence, but timing didn't quite work out that way.)

So, here a few things I'm considering picking up for my new apartment!  For the most part, I'm leaning towards items for my bedroom.  I have a love for Pottery Barn bedding!  For some reason I'm being drawn back to bright colors for my bedroom and I'm thinking a fun, fresh mix of florals and other patterns. (Um chevron, please!)  My bedroom is the last room to lack matching, new furniture.  I'm trying to hold out until I  buy a place to buy anymore big furniture items, but in the meantime I'm trying to with with what I've got!

(I'm hoping that between a few gift cards and garage sale money, my budget won't take a huge hit!)

I've tried to link each picture to the original website!

I want this!
Woodland Organic Duvet -
Easel Floor Mirror - Black.Opens in a new window
Easel Floor Mirror -

I wouldn't list any of these things under "needs", but I do like to treat myself and like I said, between gift cards and my garage sale, I'm hoping to make a little money to put towards some fun home purchases!  Sometimes you just need a little refresh!

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