Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ugh... (***UPDATE***)


I think I got the blog issue fixed and Chrome is working just fine with no red warning screens.  All seems to be well with the world again!

If you didn't read my initial post earlier and you've got anything from Shabby Blogs on your own page, you may want to keep reading...

So, I went to add a blog post a bit ago and Google Chrome informed me that my site contained content from Shabby Blogs and that site has been known to distribute malware...  Ugh!  I've gone through and removed everything I know to be from Shabby Blogs, but Chrome is still giving the same message.  I went through diagnostics and my site appears to be clean.  No warnings come up with I open the site in Internet Explorer, so I don't know what's left to do.  The only thing I can't figure out is why there's a Shabby Blogs button in the upper left corner, when that's not longer the site my background is from.  I can't come up with a way to remove that, so I'm trying to solve that mystery.

In this process, I ended up revamping the blog design a bit.  I'd actually intended to do this for a while, but it's just not been a high priority.  I hope you like the new design!  I may still make some adjustments, but we'll see.

Well, if you're reading this on the site, let me know if you're getting the same message.  It seems like Google is working on whatever issue there was with Shabby Blogs and it said to "come back tomorrow."  Hopefully that means it'll be fixed.

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