Friday, August 3, 2012

Fashion Friday: Sensational Six

Happy Friday! 

I shared on Monday about my basic makeup routine, so I thought I'd follow up with a list of six of my current favorite products in the makeup / beauty category.  I'm overall pretty budget conscious, but I am willing to spend a little more money on quality items.  This are the items I always have around and have decided are totally worth repurchasing!

  1. Garnier Pure Clean 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner - This is my new fave 2-in-1 (it saves time in the shower and I use a leave-in conditioner anyway).  It smells absolutely amazing, really gets my hair clean, and is free of all of harsh chemicals.  Plus, a big bottle is only about $5 and it lasts a super long time!
  2. Revlon Lip Butters - Yes, again with the Lip Butters.  I'm up to 5 right now, but I'm going to cool it for a while.  These are a great go-to.  I've had fun getting brights and neutrals in these.
  3. Clinique Even Better foundation  - This has been a really nice foundation for me over the past few years.  It's the first high-end foundation I've used, but is totally worth the money because one bottle lasts me so much longer and works better on my skin.  (I'm currently using the Stay Matte, which is okay, but hard to blend and I don't think it's all that much better in combating shine than Even Better.)
  4. Bath & Body Works shower gel - I use this in the shower for shaving particularly and love the formula!  It's been a long time favorite of mine (like back in the 90s long time).  A single bottle lasts quite me quite a while, so I usually stock up on different scents during the semi-annual twice a year.  
  5. Ulta eye shadow in Lustre - This is my total go-to color.  I don't think I've ever had another eye shadow I loved enough to buy the exact same one as a replacement.  It's a gorgeous shimmery tan-ish neutral that is great by itself or as a highlight shade.  I love the quality of the Ulta brand eye shadows and you really can't beat the price.  (Plus they're almost always running some sort of sale!)
  6. Clinique Acne Solutions bar soap - I have to give Clinique a great rating for having products that are long-lasting.  One bar of this soap lasts me 3 - 4 months and I use it at least once a day.  I keep mine in the shower and use it not only on my face, but also on my body after workouts.  It really helps to deep clean my back and chest after a sweaty workout. 

Beauty Faves

Now it's your turn to share your must have beauty products!  I'd love to hear what you can't live without and get recommendations for new things to try!

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