Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just Checking In...

Do you ever have one of those days when you just suddenly find yourself in a bad mood, but don't have one single reason for it?  It's just a few little things that have bugged you?  

Yeah, me too.  Today was one of those days.

Okay bear with me...

It was my first day back to "work" and by that I mean I sat in a training of sorts all day.  I really try to keep a positive attitude about things like this, but I really feel as thought I got nothing out of it.  I felt like it was Common Sense Teaching 101.  I'd have preferred this time to be in my building working on my classroom preparations or in a more relevant building inservice, but that just wasn't that case.  And now I face two more days of the same thing...  *sigh*

Then I went back to school to work on things for a bit and was faced with some minor drama.  Nothing horrible, but rather just having to hear about other people's petty grievances.  I'll just leave it at that.  Once again, I try not to let that stuff get to me, but for some reason today it did.  *sighs again*

My nonfiction books didn't fit onto my shelf like I'd hoped.  Back to the drawing board.  *groans*

It was also a low self-esteem day for me...  I'm not really sure why.  Maybe it was coming back from summer and not having anything exciting to share.  I feel like with the exception of about 1 week of my summer, it was really quite dull.  *blah*

You still with me?

Like I said, nothing particularly bad happened today, just nothing particularly good either.  

Ironically, I was able to have a text venting session with another teacher friend who lives a few hours away.  It was actually quite therapeutic to chat with her about not wanting to be in inservices and just wanting the school year to get started or for summer to be a little bit longer!  LOL

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day and I hope that it's better than today.  I'm going try to get some good sleep and start my day with a positive attitude.  (Plus, Gap's Friends & Family sale starts tomorrow and I've saved a special budget for that, so that's bound to cheer me up!)

So, to those of you starting back to work this week, I feel your pain.  Keep a positive attitude, drink some caffeine, and plug through!  I'm here with ya!


  1. I feel your pain... We all have days like that where it just seems there's no reason we are feeling kinda blue. I know that at least for myself, a day or two later I feel much better and didn't quite understand what put me there to begin with. I'm sure things will start to get better. Tomorrow is a new day, right? Hang in there!
    :0) Melissa

    1. Thanks, Melissa! :) I hope you had a good day today as well!

  2. As a non-teacher, I can't relate to "going back" in the fall, but I know how hard it is to go back to work after a week long vacation, and I can only imagine it is even more difficult after 2-3 months! I hope you are having a better day!

    1. I can't say the meetings were any better, but I must say that I'm very thankful to work with some pretty awesome people!


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