Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Social Linkup

I stumbled upon this post through A Brunette Duet, which is a new blog I just discovered a couple days ago.    From there I wandered over to A Complete Waste of Makeup and decided to needed to post link up with this one as well because it's all about my favorite season...  FALL!

Sunday Social


Here are this week's questions:

What is your favorite fall activity?

Hmmm...  I must say I love college football, so it's probably watching football.  I try to make it to K-State to see one game a year, but otherwise I'm pretty much glued to my TV watching games all day Saturday.  I just love the sound of college football on my TV on a Saturday, even if I'm not all that interested in the teams playing!

My other favorite activity is hitting up arts and crafts fairs.  There's one that I try to go to each September in a really small town about 45 minutes away.  It's crazy busy there, but I always seem to find some cute new K-State items or fall decor!

Do you follow a football team?  If so, which one and why?

That's pretty obvious...  K-STATE WILDCATS!!!  

I think I've become an even more hardcore fan since graduating from there.  I had season tickets one year and only went to a game and a half!  My older self hates my younger self for wasting such a treasure!  

I don't really follow the NFL, but I do try to stay somewhat educated on how the KC Chiefs are doing since they are the closest pro team.  My second favorite college team is the OU Sooners...  I'm not sure why, but I've just always liked OU and I'll cheer for them as long as they're not playing my Wildcats!

What is something fun about fall in your area?

The weather here in October is usually pretty awesome.  I love sweater weather where I don't have to pile on a huge coat.  Like I said before, I also like hitting up craft fairs, going to the corn maize, or an outdoor market in the fall.  Our state fair is at the beginning of September and can still be pretty hot, but last year it was perfectly cool and lovely!  Any excuse to be outside and enjoy the weather is great with me!  

Favorite fall outfit staples?

I'm actually working on a whole blog post on this for the coming week or so, so stay tuned.  

My fall wardrobe is by far my favorite...  I love cardigans, comfy sweaters, jeans, cute hoodies, fun scarves,  and clogs are probably my most worn items.

Here are some of my favorite fall outfit pins from Pinterest...

I only wish I could look this chic everyday of fall!

What are you looking forward to most about this coming fall season?

I really don't have anything exciting planned for this fall, so I think it would just have to be all of the little things coming up that I've already mentioned...  The cooler weather, the outdoor activities, college football, and giving my sweater collection some time to shine!  

Favorite fall holiday?

I'd have to say Thanksgiving.  I love teaching about thankfulness to my third graders and making them realize how truly blessed they are to be surrounded by those who care about them.  I also love the food the comes along with Thanksgiving.  My grandpa makes a stellar turkey and my mom spends about 3 days "whipping up" some amazing sides.  I've learned not to load up at our actual sit-down meal in the afternoon, but rather to just pace myself throughout the day!  Ha ha!  And of course, I love what comes after Thanksgiving...  Black Friday!


Now it's your turn to hop over to A Complete Waste of Makeup and read what all of the other bloggers have to say...  Seriously, there's over 100 submissions already, so I'm totally bound to discover some new blogs to follow!  


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  2. I found your blog and I love it! I am your newest follower and I've nominated you for an award too! Come on over to my blog to accept your award!

    Ms. M

    1. Thanks! I love connecting with other third grade teachers!

  3. Hey girl!! Thanks for mentioning us!! That was really sweet!! Loved reading your post too!

    1. I loved finding your blog! Thanks for stopping by!


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