Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Empty Project

If you've been reading my blog for a while you've probably picked up on the fact that I like beauty and makeup items. In fact, makeup is probably one of my weaknesses right now.  I've seen a few other bloggers and You Tubers post about finishing off products in their collection.  I decided this would be a great plan for me for the next few months.  I'm also going to keep track of which products are worth repurchasing and which ones I could do without.

There are a couple items I really want, but I just can't justify making those purchases without downsizing my current collection and sticking to my budget.  So, from now through November (at least) I'm going to work on finishing off and using up some of the beauty products in my collection.  

Here are some of the items I want to work my way through:

  • Eye shadow - I have wayyyy too many of these and of course that's what I want more of.  I'm focusing my use on some of my old faves that don't get as much love as they once did.
  • Lotions - I've already made a huge dent in this collection.  (They previously didn't fit into their single basket and now they do!)  My problem is that I always seem to get new body lotions with those Bath & Body Works coupons for a free Signature item.  I use these everyday, so it's just a matter of working through what I already have without adding a lot more.
  • Mascara - I've got several full-size and quite a few minis in rotation right now.  I have 3 minis I've been rotating and trying to use up before busting into any new ones.  There's no need for me to buy any of these for a while.
  • Eyeliner - I have a lot of random cheap-o eyeliners, yet always reach for my basic black or dark brown.  I'm going to try to experiment with a few of my other varieties more often.  
  • Blush - This is another item I have a lot of freebies of...  I'm close to finishing off a few and noticing that I don't really have any cooler weather colors anymore.  
  • Lip products - This is one my most ridiculous collections...  I'm working on my almost empties by putting those in my purse where they'll see the most action.  The ones in my bathroom drawer just don't get as much love.  
My goal is to work through at least 15 (hopefully more!) products by Thanksgiving and not make (m)any unnecessary additions to my makeup and beauty collection.  I'm pretty well stocked and the only thing I foresee needing to purchase are my everyday hair and face products, foundation, and powder.

I plan to let you know how this goes at least once a month...

For now, here are my August empties... (Or ones that will be by the time August is over at the end of the week.)

(Forgive the fact that I didn't snap pics this month!)

Flirt! Glamourazzi Extreme Lip Lacquer (from Kohl's)
Repurchase?  Possibly.
This one was my go-to for a super long time and then it was retired from my purse to my bathroom drawer.  It's a great formula and pretty long lasting.  I can't remember what color I had (the label was worn off), but it was a nice natural and neutral.  If I didn't have so many other lip products around right now, this would be a good candidate for repurchase, especially since I always seem to have $10 Kohl's coupons.  I have a few Flirt! brand cosmetics from Kohl's and it's actually a pretty decent little brand.

Sephora Collection Full Action Extreme Effect Mascara
Repurchase?  Nope.
I had a mini of this and just wasn't that impressed.  I wanted to blame the fact that it was just a sample and maybe not quite up to par to the full-size, but even after looking at the full-size in store I just don't think I'd spend the money on this.  I ended up laying it with other mascaras because I just didn't get a lot of results from this one alone.  I have pretty skimpy lashes and this one just didn't do it for me.

Bath and Body Works Cherry Vanilla Body Lotion
Repurchase?  Yes, if it pops up during the semi-annual...
I really fell in love with the Signature Vanillas a year or two ago at B&BW.  They don't carry them anymore, but they do pop back during the semi-annual sales.  I love this scent because it's lasting, not overpowering, and is good to pair with other body sprays.

Clinique Blushwear Cream Stick in Rosy Blush
Repurchase?  Color, yes.  Cream blush, no.
This was a free gift and I loved the color of this, but I just don't have the tools, skills, or patience to make cream blush look good on me.  It's just not something I'm good at working with.  I'll admit this one technically isn't an empty, but I did give it to my mom when she mentioned she needed some new blush.  I love Clinique blushes, so I'm going to see if I can try to find a matching color in a compact form.

I'll leave you with a couple pinspirations I've pinned to my makeup and beauty board!  I've been really into ideas for beautiful and striking, yet still everyday eye makeup.  I've been trying to recreate some of these looks with my current makeup.

Be sure to visit the pin and the original website for more info!


  1. I love make up, too! I repinned those eye looks, they're fab!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

    1. Aren't they?!? It's been fun finding pins and play around with some of the makeup I already have!


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