Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Social

It's time for Sunday Social over at A Complete Waste of Makeup!

Sunday Social

I skipped last week's because it was all about Twitter and I'm just not really into Twitter.  I've tried and more than anything else I find it annoying.  Okay, I'm done.

What is your shopping weakness?
Gap is probably by biggest weakness when it comes to clothes.  They have super cute stuff again and they always seem to be running the best sales.  I never pay full price for anything there.  It probably also doesn't help that it's closer to my house than the actual mall, so I just happen to pop into there way too often.  Target is another big temptation for me.  I went there last night and had to talk myself out of buying 3 clearance purses!  

Image via Gap

What is your food weakness?
Okay this may sound weird, but I love LOVE Kroger's version of the creamy broccoli Tuna Helper.  Here's the weird thing, I don't actually like the real brand of the Tuna Helper, but just the Kroger store brand version.  It's sooooo much better.  I thought they were getting rid of it a while back (thankfully they just changed the packaging) and I went to multiple grocery stores to hoard it.  True story.  Totally not what would be considered a healthy meal, but it's quick, easy, cheap, and yummy.  Sometimes you just have to have some meals like that on hand, right?!?

What is your go-to movie when nothing is on?
"Back to the Future" has been my favorite movie since I was in kindergarten.  I went to school in the afternoon and went through a phase were I would watch it (in rotation with a few other movies) in the morning.  (I have such fond memories of functioning on that schedule...  It was the best!)  I still watch it when it's on TV and of course pop out the Blu-ray every now and then as well!  This movie is perfection!

What is your go-to breakfast food?
I know it's bad, but I'm not a big breakfast eater on work days.  I try to take something small like a cereal bar, yogurt drink, or Cuties drink to have before school or during my break around 10 a.m.  I love breakfast foods, but I've never really been a fan of actually getting up and eating breakfast on work / school days.  On weekends I enjoy some Archer Farms blueberry or strawberry granola (from Target).  It's the best!  I love eating that with either skim milk or some vanilla yogurt.

Do you drink coffee and if so, how do you take it?
I usually go through a coffee phase during the winter when I crave something warm.  I'm a sissy coffee drinker and go with something like flavored cappuccino or plain coffee heavy on the flavored creamer.

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