Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thursday Confessions

I had a 4 day weekend this past weekend, but I feel like the last 2 days at school have been crazy.  I'm getting into that mode where I want to get everything done for this school year and start doing a little planning for next year.  This time of year seems to be filled with meetings, special events, and other things that keep me running!  

I have some other posts in the works, but I kind of ran into writer's block and decided a little randomness was in order for this lovely Thursday.  So, how about a few confessions (and random thoughts)?

  • I've recently become a fan of "Grumpy Cat."  I don't even really like cats, but I think this little kitty is adorable in a Stewie Griffin sort of way.  
  • I have total OCD when it comes to brand name athletic wear.  This is one of the many issues that I have them stemmed from my middle school years.  I recently hopped on the WSU Shocker bandwagon and bought a t-shirt to support the home team.  After 45 minutes of indecisive t-shirt shopping (my mom said the cute neon pink tee was sacrilegious) I settled on a black Adidas tee.  The only problem!?!  I can't wear my Nike shoes or sandals with it!  
  • I knew exactly who Shain Gandee was when news of his death broke out this week.  And yes, I did watch every episode of "Buckwild" on MTV.  RIP Redneck MacGyver!
  • I ate tuna, ranch dressing, and Wheat Thins for dinner last night.  I got home late and was too lazy to make real food, but have also been trying not to get fast food anymore.  It was delightful!
  • I read last week one blogger talking about how embarrassing it is that she owned 50 cardigans...  So, naturally, I went to my closet and counted mine.  Are you ready for this?  I have 75!  Seventy-freakin-five!!!  I could wear a different cardi everyday from now until June 18th.  I need some sort of rehab for cardigan addiction.

Do you have any confessions to share today?

Happy Thursday!


  1. That's a lot of cardigans, lady! I should probably count mine sometime. I bet I have more than I realize.

    1. Yeah I estimated 50 or so... I'm guilty of finding a style I like and getting it in multiple colors. Then of course in going through my collection I realize I'm missing colors and then I wanted to buy more!


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