Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Behavior Management Reflection ~ Freebie!

I've been going through files on my computer in attempt to figure out what I need to prepare for the beginning of the school year. In doing so, I'm also finding some documents that I'd like to share! Yay for freebies!
Behavior Reflection Sheet

I've used this sheet the past couple years with several behavior management systems.  It's a nice way for kids to reflect on their behavior and think about how they can work on making things better.  I have the kids fill this out when they have to miss recess.  I then write a sentence or two to their parents and they take the sheet home to be signed and returned.  I keep the signed papers in a file for documentation purposes.  It's an easy way to communicate with parents and help make students a bit more responsible for their behavior.  I hope that you can use this or it will inspire you to create your own that will meet you own classroom's needs!

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