Monday, July 2, 2012

What's In My Beach Bag?

I really don't go to the pool that often and I've never actually been to a real beach, so this is a little random for me to be participating in this post.  My new apartment has a pool, though, so when the mood strikes I do like to go down there and chill with a good book.

Chasing Davies is hosting this linky party, so I thought it would be a fun one to participate in.  (And we all know how much I love a linky!)  If you haven't checked out Chasing Davies before you have to!  Her blog is amazing, she's got awesome outfits, and she's a KC girl, so I totally love that she's (somewhat) in my area!

{I had grand plans to take pics by the pool.  Then, I got down there only to find it was closed today to do some concrete work!  Ugh!}

Here's what's in my bag!

The bag I typically carry is this oldie but goodie from American Eagle.  I've had it for probably 5 years or more, but it's the perfect size, vacation themed, and super easy to toss in the wash.  

So, what's in my bag?!?

  • Water bottle - I absolutely love my pink K-State Nalgene water bottle.  I bought it from the bookstore last year when I was in Manhattan and I've decided I need another one!  I love flavored water, so I'm almost always drinking water with some Mio or Crystal Light.
  • A good book - I'm currently trying to finish The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella.  It's been a hard one for me to get through, but I'm bound and determined to finish it soon so that I can move onto my new stack of books!
  • Sunglasses - I'm totally my mother's daughter and am pretty much never without a pair (or 3) of sunglasses.  The current pair I'm loving I picked up on major super sale last fall at American Eagle.  My other favorite pair of Fossil sunglasses recently broke.  (Tip:  Gordman's and TJ Maxx have great prices on Fossil sunglasses!)
  • Sunscreen - I'm tied to a particular type of sunscreen as long as it's not super greasy.  I prefer spray sunscreens for easy application.
  • Phone, iPod, & headphones - Even after getting a smartphone I still carry my iPod Touch with me all the time.  I love having it around for my music and my pool has wifi, so it's also nice to be able to stay connected or take a break from reading.
  • BB cream and lip balm - I picked up the new Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream at Walgreens the other night and have been wearing it the last few days when I plan to be outside or just to hit the gym and I don't want full makeup.  I'm still on the fence with this stuff, but I do like that it's SPF 25.  My last foundation (Clinique's Even Better) had SPF, but the new one I'm trying (Clinique's Stay Matte) doesn't so it's nice to have the BB cream for when I need some protection.  I also always keep some sort of lip gloss or lip balm around and I try to make sure it also has SPF.  
A little protection for my lips and face!

And one last photo for you...  I love the back of this bag!

I sport some Wildcat pride wherever I go!

I obviously don't carry a ton with me and I didn't take a pic of my cute pink towel since it's in the dryer.  Since I usually am not far from home, I don't stress too much about carrying everything with me and just go for the essentials!

Now it's time to head over the Chasing Davies where you can check out everyone else's beach bags and you can share what you have in yours!  


  1. Thank you SO much for linking up! Great goods - I want to try that BB stuff for your face, and I totally forgot about lip stuff for my bag (in the pic and real life - my lips are burned)!


    1. Thanks, Meggy! I'm not 100% convinced this BB is the best one for my skin, but I didn't want to drop $30 or more on some of the higher-end brands quite yet. I love the concept of an all-in-one product, though, and they're great for when you want a little coverage!


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