Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Done With Math!

Well, my math course, that is...

I'll just start by saying that it was a super long two weeks.  (I even took off Monday to spend with friends that were in town.)  They jam-packed a lot into the 10 days of class!

Our focus for this summer (the first of three) was on numbers and operations.  A lot of the content was more targeted toward upper levels, which did get a bit frustrating at times to try to figure out how to connect it to my current position in third grade.

The mornings of our class were primarily instruction and reviewing content.  The afternoons were a lot more relaxed and we worked on different hands-on activities that we can take back to the classroom and do with our students.  I have an entire tub of resources and materials!  I need to take some time to go through things again before school starts and get all of my stuff organized.  Maybe once I go through things I can share some pics and links to the things we made.

The plan is to do this again for two weeks for the next two summers.  I'm getting paid and get three credit hours (each summer), so that's also a big plus.  Hopefully next summer this won't fall during such a busy time!

I plan to spend this weekend chillin' before I try to get some school stuff done next week.  The beginning of school is really creeping up on me.  Agggghhhh!

Stay tuned for plenty of new posts in the coming week!

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