Sunday, July 22, 2012

Oh Target, You Got Me Again!

To say I'm a Target addict is a complete understatement...  If I had to shop at only one store for the rest of my life, I'd say Target would definitely be my store.  

I started seeing posts about school stuff in the dollar / bargain section of Target last week, so I pretty much went there immediately to do my damage.  Altogether, I've spent right around $50, so about half of the money I will get back from our PTA.  (More on my other school shopping later this week!)  My goal is to stick as close to that $100 as possible this year and not spend more than about $25 or $50 of my own money.  I also have a $35 Wal-Mart gift card I received for doing a student survey thing, so I'm contemplating using that on some new decorations for my classroom.  I hate Wal-Mart and try to avoid going there at all costs, but I will admit they do get some cute things this time of year!

Okay, onto my goodies...

I was pretty pumped to find so many fun purple items!  The plastic storage (6 total) were $2.50 each,  but oddly enough I went back this week to 2 other Targets and they were $3!  I don't know what's up with the price difference / increase, but I'm glad I got these when they were only $2.50.  (I grabbed my 25 original book bins when they were only $1 each back about 5 years ago!)  I made another trip back yesterday when I heard that they had purple pocket charts.  I knew it was a longshot since I hadn't seen them at the other 3 Targets in town, but there they were...  Just waiting for me to give them a home in my classroom!  Yay!  There are several things I seem to hoard for school and these $1 pocket charts are one of them.  I swear I have pretty much every color ever.  

I also picked up 4 new non-fiction books for $1 each.  I use these almost weekly for mini-book reports in our research work station.  I try to pick up these books whenever new ones come out.  There are almost always new books in their dollar section, not just during back to school time.  For 3rd grade, I usually go for the Level 2 and Level 3 books.  

I didn't really need notepads and notecards, but these were too cute to pass up.  I love having cute notecards to write notes to the kids on and I'm a huge fan of the Muppets, so of course I had to grab a couple packets of those.  And the little cassette tape sticky notes!?!  Love those!  

My biggest purchases were Dr. Suess items.  I went a little bit crazy with those!  We always team up our assessment kickoff with Dr. Seuss week, so I like to stock up on these goodies when I can and save them for when we start assessments.  (You can read more about my assessment goodies here.)  I ended up getting class sets of award certificates, pencils, erasers, stickers, and bookmarks.  They had some other cute Dr. Seuss items like bags and silly bands, but I decided this was plenty for right now.  The school usually provides other assessment treats, so I think my kids will be well take care of when testing season arrives next spring!

Have you found any other goodies are Target? Please share if you've found any of your own Target treasures!  


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