Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I Love the 80's!

It's no secret that I absolutely, positively love the 80's.  I wasn't born until 1985, so honestly my memories of the 80's are limited, but it's still my favorite decade for movies, music, and TV shows.  Maybe my love for the 80's is also a factor in my love for neons this spring and summer...  I play 80's music in my classroom every now and then just for fun.  I had a parent comment to me once that she thought it was funny her daughter came home singing "Walk Like an Egyptian."  Ha ha!

A friend on Facebook posted last night that it seems like all of the school supply commercials this year are 80's themed...  I'd only noticed this commercial from Target up to that point spoofing Cameo's song "Word Up."  (Yes, "Word Up" is on my iPod!)

"Music Teacher"

And now the "English Teacher"

I totally love the "notebooks and tees" part!  LOL

Don't forget the "Science Teacher"

And it's not just Target...

Okay, this one isn't necessarily a back to school commercial, but it's definitely a throwback with Jordan Knight (NKOTB)!

And finally...  This song was in a commercial for one of the office supply stores, but I can't remember which one and couldn't find the commercial on You Tube.  Forgive me for only giving you the real video...  Oh Depeche Mode, you gave us such great New Wave music.  

So there's your 80's fix for the day!  I just got my Mardel order from UPS (Brown Santa!) a few minutes ago, so I hope to finish up my school shopping posts today or tomorrow!  Yay for new goodies!

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