Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Birchbox

I got my July Birchbox about a week ago, but I've been so busy I haven't had time to post about it!  In fact, I just now got around to really looking at and trying the stuff in my box!

This month's box was a team-up with Glamour (my favorite magazine), so I was pretty excited to see what would be in there.  The theme was the 5 senses.  I was overall pretty pleased with my box, so once again, no need to cancel quite yet!

Doesn't everything look so fun?!?  I love the bright colors!

Here's what was in my box:

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt - This is another really nice smelling perfume.  I have soooo many fragrances right now that I'm not going to purchase this one, but I do enjoy the sample!

Gloss Moderne High Gloss Masque - I haven't tried this out yet, but I will tell you this stuff smells absolutely AMAZING!  I'm excited to try it out.  I'm not one to really spend much money at all on my hair or hair products, so it's gonna have to work amazing for me to consider buying the full size at $39.  

Color Club nail polish in Blue-Ming - This is from Color Club's Summer Pastels collection.  I've had a few people ask me where you can find Color Club nail polishes (other than on the Birchbox site).  I've seen them at Rue 21 and then I also saw a multi-pack at TJ Maxx.  This color is very close to one of my current faves, Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, so I've taken a pic to compare.  Blue-Ming is a teensy bit lighter.  I plan to use it this weekend when I update my mani and pedi!  (I'm thinking about color blocking my nails and doing a pink accent nail on each hand.  I think the blue and pink would be a fun combo!)

Larabar Uber bar - I haven't tried this one yet either, but I'm pretty sure I'll throw it in my bag soon to try out.  The price is a bit steep compared to my Special K bars, so I doubt I'll grow an addiction to these.

Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion - This is another nice shimmery highlight lotion that's great for summer.  It's got a nice bronze-y tone to it, which I really like this time of year.  (I love doing kind of a glowy bronze yet neutral look.)  I have a lot of different highlighters right now, but this one isn't as pink toned as the other ones I've been using.

Suki Balancing Regimen - These are some skincare samples that are described to be for acne-prone or combo skin.  I'm thinking I'm going to try these out this weekend.  

Earbuds - These were one of the bonus items for the month.  Aren't they adorable!?!  I'm picky about my headphones for when I workout (I don't like most earbuds because they fall out), but I'm definitely holding onto these for traveling and for on the go.  

I've had a few people ask about signing up for Birchbox, so I'm adding my referral link.  Yes, I get points in the Birchbox store, but I used a referral link to sign up so I think it's totally cool to post my link!  For $10 a month, I still think Birchbox is a pretty good deal and a fun way to try some new products I wouldn't normally try.  

Speaking of the Birchbox store, I've racked up enough points to have $20 off a purchase.  There's really nothing I need right now, so I may hold onto my points since they don't expire for quite some time still.  I've been thinking about getting an eyeshadow palette.  They have a couple nice ones from Stila and one from theBalm.  (theBalm is actually on right now!)

I'd love to hear from you if you also subscribe to Birchbox.  I think it's super fun to hear what other people get!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love Birch Box!! July was my second box. I can't wait until August!! I received several of the same items as you did. The main difference was a lip gloss. I didn't receive the high gloss that you did.

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

    1. I was kinda hoping to get the lip gloss, but I guess it's okay I didn't since I have more lip products than any human being should ever own in a lifetime!


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