Tuesday, January 22, 2013

{Blog} Creeper

I had a slight creeper moment when I was out shopping this past weekend...

And I felt like the creeper.

I was out of town and popped into a store to look at a few items.  It was super cold outside, so I was a bit flustered as I made my way into the store.  Then sales associate greeted me and introduced herself.  As a untangled myself from my scarf and windblown hair I looked at her and instantly thought, "I know her from somewhere..."

As I walked around shopping I kept trying to place where I knew her from and probably kept looking at her like a creeper (or maybe a shoplifter trying to scope out the store).  Finally, after she let me into a fitting room it occurred to me where I knew her from...


Yup, I totally follow her blog.  

I contemplated whether or not to say anything to her, but I couldn't think of anything to say that wouldn't make me sound like a total blog creeper.  I didn't say anything in the end although my mom said it would have been a fun and kind gesture to let her know that I read and enjoy her blog.  

Has this happened to anyone else?!?

And of course using the word "creep" so many times makes me totally think of this song...  

Oh TLC, you were one of the best things to come from my late elementary school years!

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