Thursday, January 3, 2013

Team Spirit {EMAW!}

It's pretty much no doubt that I love my K-State Wildcats!  I loved going to school there and I'm very proud to be not only a fan, but alumni of the best college ever.  (You can disagree with me on that last statement, but at least hand it to me that we're definitely the best in the Big 12!)  

My love for K-State is also pretty apparent in my classroom as well.  I've actually contemplated doing my whole room in a black, white, and purple K-State theme.  (I may very well still do that someday!)  It's a pretty common topic of conversation at our open house at the beginning of the school year and my students are always giving me adorable K-State gifts, both store bought and handmade.




Of course there's always a little rivalry around the building (although a majority bleed purple) and there are some that *shakes head* are fans of that other school in Kansas.  Ugh.  Despite that, though, I think showing some team spirit for colleges is a neat way to get kids excited about college and think about going there someday.  It's not just about the sports, but it's about also about becoming a lifelong learner.

I always tell my kids that if they come back to me 10 years later and tell me they're going to be college, no matter where they go I'll be incredibly proud of them.  I'll just be even more thrilled if they tell me they're going to be a K-State Wildcat!


And of course, the reason I chose this post for today?  Tonight is the Fiesta Bowl!  

I sooooo wish I could be there for the game, but it wasn't quite in the budget and today was my first day back to school.  (The kids start tomorrow!)  I'm wearing my new Fiesta Bowl shirt, though, and I'll be cheering on my Cats to a victory this evening!



Go Wildcats!!!

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  1. I am currently at school (in Oregon)...getting ready for kids to return next week....with the game on in the background. I am really a fan of the other Oregon team...but routing for my state even it isn't my team.

    Chickadee Jubilee


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