Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashion Friday: Baby, It's Cold Outside

As much as I hate hot weather, I'm not much of a cold weather fan either...  I feel like my classroom is either blazing hot or freezing cold (no matter what time of year), so dressing for work can require some thought.  It can also vary from day to day, so that makes things even more {not} awesome.

Cold Weather Work Layers

Here are a few quick tips for dressing for work when it's cold outside:

  • Layer, layer, layer!  I wear layers almost everyday and usually keep an extra jacket at school just in case.  Choose items that can be worn alone or with a jacket or cardigan so that you can add or subtract layers as the need arises.
  • Make items work for multiple seasons.  If you don't have to be outside during the day, add tights or leggings to your skirts and dresses to give you more wardrobe options.  
  • Have at least one pair of dressy, dark wash jeans.  I don't know about you, but there are some super super cold days when I just don't want to wear dressy pants.  Sometimes it's because there's snow on the ground and I don't want to mess them up...  Sometimes I just plain don't want to wear them.  I don't make it a habit, but for "those days" it's always nice to have a dressy pair of jeans on hand.  I think you can still look professional in jeans.  (Read a whole post on wearing jeans to work here.)
  • Brighten things up!  I've totally been into brights lately, but I love this trend for winter.  I feel like a bright sweater is so cheerful on a gloomy winter day!
How do you dress for work during the cold weather months?


  1. I totally agree about layering! My office is freezing in the mornings, but then the sun starts shining in and I think the afternoons get up to 80 at least. So I am always shedding layers throughout the day.

    1. I've had the joy of having both no heat and no A/C working in my classroom for a period of time. Those times have definitely taught me some lessons in layering!


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