Friday, January 25, 2013

Fashion Friday: Fails

I think of myself as a somewhat fashionable person.  I don't follow every trend that crosses my path, but I also feel like I embrace some earlier than other people do.

My motto when shopping and trying things on is to give pretty much anything a chance at least once or twice.  I've definitely learned what works and looks best on my body type, but sometimes I just have to try something "just in case."

The following are some of the items I've found to be a personal fashion fail on me.  These are things I wish looked good on me, but are just typically fails.  They're all cute items, just not what works for me.

Fashion Fails

Button-Down Shirts - I love the look of a cute button down shirt layered under another shirt.  I just don't love that look on me.  Those kinds of shirts just don't work well on me and without fail when layered add about 20 pounds of visual weight.  Not good.

Hi-Low Hemlines - I was excited about this trend at first and then I actually gave it a try.  Major fail.  I'm too short to pull this off.  I've tried this one repeatedly and have failed every time.

Loafers - Target has had the cutest loafers over the past year.  I bought the most fun bright pink pair on sale last spring, wore them once, and it was one of the most painful work days ever.  My feet are wide-ish and those shoes literally rub me the wrong way.

Pretty Much Anything Silky (& Non-Stretchy) - The overwhelming majority of these tops just don't fit me and my curves.  I feel like my proportions are always off when it comes to shirts like this.

Pencil Skirts - Another thing that just doesn't work for my body type.  I tried some at J.Crew recently and it was bad.  Really bad.

What are some of your fashion fails?


  1. I have a really hard time with button down shirts, but I am not giving up because I love them so much! I also have trouble with length, since I'm on the taller side of the spectrum. Maxi skirts and dresses tend to be not so maxi on me. And short dresses tend to look more like tunics!

    1. I also have length issues, but I have the opposite issue with it! I tried on 2 of the cutest dresses at Gap tonight, but they were oddly long and awkward on me.


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