Tuesday, March 26, 2013

5 Days, 5 Ways: Black Skinnies

It's the second day of "5 Days, 5 Ways" and I'm linking up over at Franish today!


Today's theme is pants, so I selected my black skinnies to share with you some of the ways I wear them.

If you'd told me a few years ago that skinny jeans / pants would become a favorite of mine, I would have laughed.  

In your face.

My legs are not my slimmest feature, but my theory in shopping is to pretty much give everything a chance in the fitting room.  Sometimes a trend can pleasantly surprise you!

5 Days, 5 Ways: Black Skinnies

I feel like black skinny pants are about as versatile as a good pair of jeans. I wear these for work a couple days a week and have found myself wearing them on weekends as well. (Something I very very rarely do with my wider-legged dress pants.)

Here are a few reasons why these pants are awesome:

  • You can wear them with virtually everything.
  • They're slimming!
  • They let your top make a statement.
  • They are a great non-jeans bottom to pair with chambray or denim if you're not into the head-to-toe denim look.
  • They instantly dress up your look and take you up a notch.
  • You can wear them with pretty much any kind of shoe...  Flats, heels, boots.
My 2 pairs are the Mossimo Slim Fit from Target (pictured) and the Gap Outlet Aubrey pants.  I'm hoping to get my hands on another pair from the ones from Gap because they're possibly the best fitting pants ever.  (If I'd known I'd love them so much I'd have bought 2 pairs since I don't make it to the Gap Outlet very often!)

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  1. Love this. I have black skinnies on my list and will have to check these out!

    1. If you can get to a Gap Outlet, I highly suggest those Aubrey pants... I'm hoping that they still have them when I go in a month or so! I sooooo miss having a Gap Outlet nearby for some of those great basics!


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