Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Days, 5 Ways: Casual Friday (Spring Style)

Today is the last day that I'll be linking up with Franziska and Whitney for "5 Days, 5 Ways."  It's been super fun sharing with everyone this week and seeing the ideas that other bloggers have to offer!  


Today's theme is "Casual Friday" which is pretty appropriate for my typical Friday attire.  At my school, the teachers dress up on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  On Tuesdays we wear our anti-bullying t-shirts and jeans (or another school shirt) and this year we officially declared Friday to be a jeans-and-whatever day.  It's great to be able to dress like a "regular person" and not a teacher 1 day of my week as it allows me to wear some items that are work appropriate with that don't necessarily go with dress pants.

Casual Friday

This time of year Fridays are busy with activities like Pioneer Day, Field Day, pizza parties, inservices, and field trips.  Pretty much any jeans day you'll find me wearing my trusty American Eagle Boyfit Crop jeans.  I seriously hoard this style (especially since I always seem to score them on amazing sales)!  It's a little embarrassing to admit that I think I currently have 7 pairs (in various washes) in current rotation (although 2 of those are holey distressed ones that I don't wear to school).

Here's the lowdown on the styles I'm featuring (from upper left):
  • This is pretty much the ultimate field trip outfit...  A comfy, colorful tee, cute sandals, and some sunglasses.  I'll be sporting this look when we go to the zoo and the baseball game next month!
  • My Tippi sweaters transition really well from season to season and work with jeans as well as work pants.  I love my brighter colored Tippis for a casual, yet still pulled-together look.
  • A tee, cardigan, and TOMS (I have these in gray and black) are a great go-to look.  This is a combo I find myself rocking on teaching days as well as inservice days when I want to be comfy, but also look nice enough to go out to lunch with co-workers.
  • Ahhh...  Another appearance by one of my J.Crew colorblock tees!  These shirts are just so stinkin' cute!
  • Last, but not least...  A K-State tee!  I rock these pretty much every Friday during football season, but still fall back on them throughout the rest of the year.  There's nothing wrong with indoctrinating my little third graders with some purple pride.  I'm inspiring them to go to (the best) college!
What's your casual Friday style?

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