Saturday, March 16, 2013

Blogging & The Real World

I've been part of the blog world as a reader and a blogger for about 2 years now.  I started out by finding some teaching blogs and ideas and then it spiraled into fashion and home decor blogs.  I'm currently following (are you ready for this?) 280 blogs!  Dang!

One thing that I've found with blogging is that there are those bloggers out there who make life look perfect.  Their homes look like the belong in catalogs, their family photos look like models, every outfit is a perfectly pressed J.Crew new arrival, and the seemingly do not sleep as they are making wonderful and cute activities for their students to do in class.  

I'm not that blogger.

Let's see...  I live in a 1 bedroom apartment and most of my decor has come from Target.  I have no family and I don't look like a model.  I rely on Downy Wrinkle Releaser many mornings and I can't afford J.Crew unless it's on major sale.  Some school weeks I can barely keep the energy to make lesson plans, make copies, and grade papers let alone plan a 40 page unit on money.

I subscribe to each of those 280 blogs for a reason...  At some point in time I decided they were worth following.  Yes, I do sometimes love looking at those perfectly assembled outfits, immaculate classrooms, and Pottery Barn-esque homes. 


My favorite blogs are the girls that I feel like I can relate to.  

These are the girls I feel like I could be friends with in the "real world."   

These are the girls that I could go scour the clearance racks at Target with and brag about how I waited 5 months for that J.Crew shirt to go down to 75% off.  

These are the girls that are willing to put their triumphs as well as their failures out there and show that they're real people too.  

These are the girls that will admit that they blog in sweatpants and they don't always look like they walked off a runway.  

These are the girls that will not only admit to the giant pile of laundry waiting to be tackled, but will share a photo of that mountain as well.  

These are the girls that share their struggles in life and help you know that you're not the only one out there.

These are the girls that will confess their undying love for cats or dogs or whatever pet the adore.

These are the girls that show that they're not perfect and are perfectly fine with showing that to the world.

These are the girls that I want to say thank you to. 

Thanks for being part of the real world.

Thanks for sharing your ups and downs.

Thanks for showing off your goofy sides.

Thanks for giving me some great reading material each day!


  1. girl, I love YOUR honesty! i definitely agree that my favorite style blogs aren't those that portray women living these fabulously perfect lives..I love the girls who shop at Target (and heck, WAL-MART!) and can mix both high end items and low end items to make themselves look JUST as good as a girl who wears all J.Crew or Anthro!

    -Jenna Brianne

  2. Preach it! I don't follow very many of the perfect bloggers anymore. I'm not really interested or inspired by seeing someone who can buy a new outfit for every day.

  3. I really like this post, it is a breath of fresh air to hear every once in awhile!


    Sparkles, Smiles, and Successful Students

  4. LOVE this post! It's SO true. Its amazing how real things can get on the internet. I love the community, even though I'm just breaking into the online teacher community.

  5. Best blog post ever! This is exactly what everyone is thinking!! Great to read it as well :)


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