Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Friday: Visions of Spring

I get almost excited about spring clothes as I do for fall.  Almost.  

Anyway, I'm really liking the trends I'm seeing for this spring and have been tempted by so much cute items in stores.  I thought I'd keep this short and sweet today and just share with you a few of my favorite spring outfit inspirations!

How simple and cute is this outfit? It makes me feel like I need a bright skirt like that!

I really want to try this whole chambray shirt and dress combo, but I'm not sure I have any dresses that are the right shape to pull this off. It also tempts me to get a lighter chambray shirt... Just say no!

Source: on Pinterest

This pin is further proof that my $3 fuchsia Gap pants were a good investment.

Source: on Pinterest

Oh, Gap, why must you continue to have such wonderful goodies!?!

Trends I'm Loving:

  • Sunwashed neons - They're bright without being too crazy.  Gap and Target have a lot of really great items that have this look and feel.
  • Stripes - These are just a year-round fave and can be paired with so many items!
  • Polka dots - I've recently concluded that I need more polka dots in my life (um, wardrobe).  
  • Cute dresses - I love dresses and I get a total urge to buy them this time of year.  I have a lot of LBDs, so I'm hoping to find some more colorful dresses this season.
  • Brights and neutrals - I love having one piece that is a bold pop of color and letting that item stand out from the rest of the outfit.  
What trends are you loving for spring?  

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