Saturday, March 23, 2013

Skincare Routine

This blog is just kind of a mixed bag sometimes, but in some ways, I really like that.  I like reading all sorts of blogs, so it kind of fits that my own blog goes with all of my random interests and likes.  I hope you all are okay with putting up with my randomness!


I've shared some of my current makeup favorites and I thought I'd also share some of my favorite skincare items.  My skin isn't perfect, but I try to do what I can to make it behave and slow down any signs of aging.

Current Skincare Favorites

Here are my current favorite items that I'm using on a regular basis:

  1. I've been a longtime fan of Clinique's Acne Solution bar soap.  A bar of this lasts a super long time.  I keep mine in the shower to use on my face as well as my body after workouts.
  2. I used to give my mom all of my Clinique eye cream samples, but I've decided I need to incorporate that into my own skincare routine.  I really like this Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream and will probably purchase a full-size jar when I finish off my sample.
  3. My old roommate bought a sampler set of The Body Shop's Tea Tree collection and gave me a few items that she wasn't going to use.  This moisturizer is a lightweight gel-ish consistency, that's perfect for wearing under my makeup.
  4. My mom and I have both become Philosophy fans in the past year or so.  I tried a sample of their Microdelivery scrub and decided it was worth the little splurge.  I use it every other day or so in place of my Clarisonic at night and my skin has stayed super smooth.
  5. Oh Clarisonic, how I love thee!  This is probably my biggest beauty splurge, but it was totally worth it!    I bought the Mia 2 and use it everyday!  I think this has been a factor in my skin staying nice in the past few months.
  6. I think Philosophy's Purity Made Simple and the Clarisonic are like a dream team for skincare.  These two give me such a deep clean feeling at the end of the day and really gets all of the makeup off of my face.
  7. I've also become a fan of The Body Shop's nighttime tea tree moisturizer.  It's a little thicker than the daytime version, but it's become a favorite product of mine!
  8. I'm also a longtime fan of Clinique's Clarifying Lotions.  I go back and forth between the Acne Solutions one and the one for oily / combo skin (depending on deals I find).  It's kind of my final step in clean sweeping my face before moisturizer in the morning and evening.
  9. I heard about the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque on a blog or You Tube a few months back and decided to pick it up.  It's super cheap at Walgreens (or whatever drugstore) and really is a nice product.  I try to use it 1 or 2 evenings a week.
What are your favorite skincare items?  
Do you have any recommendations for things I should try in the future?

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  1. I love Philosophy!!! Their Miracle Worker is awesome! Even my hubby notices a difference when I run out of it lol!
    Thanks for sharing your routine.
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