Thursday, March 14, 2013

Google the Life-Ruiner and Bloglovin'

I know there's been a lot of buzz in the last day or so about how Google Reader will cease to exist come summertime.  How tragic?!?  I mean really, Google, is Reader such an epic fail for you that you have to turn some of our lives upside down?  Whatever, Google, you're dead to me now.  (Okay, not really, but I do have some hard feelings.)  

Anyway, after many hours  a few minutes of research I decided to switch over the Bloglovin' and give it a try.  I must say they made it super duper easy to switch my subscriptions over and the format seems pretty nice. 

Sooooooo...  I now encourage you to follow ME on Bloglovin' so that you don't miss out on any future posts.  Google Reader / GFC will still be around for a couple months, but let's just be proactive and start switching things over now!


  1. I'm holding out for a little bit just in case Google changes their mind... but on the off chance they don't, I'll definitely check out bloglovin! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Yeah I'm hoping that there's enough backlash that Goigle decides to keep Reader. I'll probably keep using Reader for a while, but figured I'd get a head start so that my readers have an alternative.


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