Thursday, March 7, 2013

60 Minutes of Whole Group Reading

We're currently in the second year of implementation of Literacy First.  To sum it up as simply as can be, we have a lot of assessments and our instruction is divided between 60 minute block for whole group reading and another 60 minutes of work stations (centers and small group instruction).  

I decided I'd tell you a little bit about what my whole group reading block looks like.  In future posts I'll provide more detail on what each of those components look like and the activities we do each week.

Language / Grammar - 10 minutes

Vocabulary - 15 minutes

Word Wall - 10 minutes

Fluency - 10 minutes

Teacher Read Aloud - 15 minutes

Of course some days we devote a little extra time to one component over another, but for the most part, the goal is to hit each one fairly equally.  Thankfully, my schedule this year allows for a little extra time after our designated hour.  At the beginning of the year we always went over our 60 minutes, but now that we have routines and procedures established we're a lot better at sticking to our pacing.  

Next week I'll share what our language and grammar time looks like.  I have to confess this is a really hard thing for me to cram into such a small amount of time each day, but we make it work!

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I can't wait for the update on what you do during language and grammar time! I have 120 minutes for reading (whole group and small group), writing, social studies/spelling, vocabulary, etc. so I always am looking for ways to be more efficient in what we do.



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